Model railroading offers a wide range of reasons why it exists and why people are interested in the worlds greatest hobby. From the hobby being an educational tool of learning the history of the railroads that built nations, to the teaching of wiring, woodworking, scenery, electronics and computer programming. Model railroading provides each person a hobby in which they can use to learn a plethora of knowledge and information.

Our organization provides a friendly and family oriented atmosphere that houses members of all ages with all kinds of backgrounds and skills. Our family oriented atmosphere encourages the growth and ambition to advance your personal knowledge and expertise as well as working with other members as a team on various projects. Projects can range from simple electrical wiring – to woodworking – all the way to organizational governance and advertising. Our organization is always looking for members who want to learn more about the history of trains and the great hobby of model railroading. Join our team by submitting a free application below. Once you’ve submitted the application, one of our team members will reach out to you!

We look forward to meeting you!

Please see the following Membership Levels.

  • Regular: $25.00 per month with voting privileges and building key upon completion of one year probation.
  • Auxillary: $12.50 per month without voting privileges and no building key.