The McKeesport Model Railroad Club is a model railroad organization that represents the historical significance of railroads within the the South Western corner of Pennsylvania. The McKeesport Model Railroad Club first established in 1950 and still thrives today with members of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. The organization prides itself in the impact the club has on the local communities in the Pittsburgh region in providing fun & family friendly displays that engage visitors of all ages. To this day the McKeesport Model Railroad Club serves as a reminder of the importance of railroads back in their heyday and the continued importance of rail transportation today. The club provides members a family oriented atmosphere that encourages group collaboration, the passing on of knowledge with electronics, wood working, scenery and plenty of other skills surrounding model railroading and building maintenance.

The history and roots of the club stems from a small group of people who were passionate about trains and the operational and scenic aspects of the industry. This group worked to model this very passion in miniature scale along with the historical nature of the local region. This small group chartered an organization that would expand the outreach of model railroading into the community, allowing any persons of interest in model railroading to learn and enjoy the hobby of model railroading. To this day we continue to operate with the mindset and intent of preserving the beautiful history and importance of railroads past and present.

Welcome to the McKeesport Model Railroad Club.