Welcome to the Mckeesport Model Railroad DCC Corner.  On this page we will be posting updates and tips on how we did our DCC installation for our Railroad.  We are just beginning to put our DCC together so we are starting from the ground up.


  • DCC Vendor: Digitrax
  • Power Districts: 6
  • Walk Around Control / PC Control
  • Feeder Drop Distance: 2 Foot
  • Computer Controlled
    • O/S: Windows 7
    • Control Software: JMRI
    • RAM: 4 Gig

October 2015

We are currently working to complete our “DCC” server room where the DCC server running JMRI will reside.  The PC will be connected to the railroad via a bus cable from RR Circuits Loco-Buffer.  We are currently painting and installing shelving in the room.  When we are completed, we will install the PC.  For right now, we are setup temporarily in the layout room in order to offer our guests a peek at the DCC in action.  Please note that we are only ready for DCC in two areas of the layout.


December 2015

Through our open house, we ran our HO Narrow gauge on DCC using JMRI.  We controlled the train using a smart phone and Axis tablet (alternating between the two).  Both worked well and we are now looking forward converting the remainder of the layout which will be done in phases.  Our first task is to complete our DCC room that will permanently house the DCC PC hardware.  In addition we have a number of feeders to install as well. — 12-31-2015





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